Be Grateful, It Makes a Difference.

Remember that you will never run out of reasons to be grateful.



This simple strategy which may take only a few seconds to complete has long been one to the most important habits I have ever engaged in. I try to remember to start my day thinking of someone to thank. To me, gratitude and inner peace go hand in hand. The more genuinely grateful I feel for the gift of my life, the more peaceful I feel. Gratitude, then, is worthy of little practice.

If you’re anything like me, you probably have many people in your life to feel grateful for: friends, family members, people from your past, teachers, mentors, classmates, people from work, your colleagues, clients, and acquaintances, someone who gave you a break, as well as countless others. You may want to thank a higher power for the gift of life itself, or for the beauty of nature.

As you think of people to be grateful for, remember that it can be anyone or someone who allowed you to merge into traffic, someone who held the door open for you, or a physician who saved your life. The point is to gear your attention toward gratitude, preferably first thing in the morning.

I learned a long time ago that it’s easy to allow my mind to slip into various forms of negativity. When I do, the first thing that leaves me is my sense of gratitude. I begin to take the people in my life for granted, and the love that I often feel is replaced with resentment and frustration. What this exercise reminds me to do is to focus on the good in my life. Invariably as I think of one person to feel grateful for, the image of another person pops into my head, then another and another. Pretty soon I’m thinking of other things to be thankful for; my health, my family, my home, my career, my freedom, my friends, my dreams and the list goes on and on.

It may seem like an awfully simple suggestion, but it really works! If you wake up in the morning with gratitude on your mind, it’s pretty difficult, in fact almost impossible, to feel anything but peace and joy in your heart.

50 Random Facts About Me

Get to know me…


50 random

  1. I love pillows. I actually have at least six pillows with me on my bed.
  2. I could barely survive a day without internet and my gadgets.
  3. I love white chocolates.  These are the top three on my list.                                Cadbury Top Deck, Toblerone White, and Milka Triolade.
  4. I can play the piano; My Heart Will Go On is the only song I was able to memorize.
  5. I used to love shades of violet and purple during my college years.
  6. Now I admire different hues of blues, teals, turquoise, and mints. It keeps me calm.
  7. I used to believe that I should be a lawyer but I am happy with what I am doing right now. Planning weddings for others’ happily ever after.
  8. I do love bags. Whatever it is as long as it’s functional. I’m not really after the expensive ones as long as it’s nice and useful.
  9. I am a certified shoe addict. I used to wear stilettos but now I prefer a max of 2-inch heels or flats. If I like shoes I can buy 2 or more pairs of the same style but of different colors.
  10. I love to cook and re-invent dishes.
  11. I love Adobo. I can eat it every day.
  12. I am quite adventurous with pasta, I have my own pasta twists that my folks love.
  13. I want a bright light when I am working.
  14. But I want it really dark when I am sleeping.
  15. I always have my extension cord with at least 6 outlets around.
  16. I always have a pen in my bag.
  17. I feel naked without earrings or ring.
  18. The most vulgar nail polish color for me is RED. I always go for the nude and light shades.
  19. I don’t usually wear a necklace because I am acidic.
  20. I love juices. Orange, Mango, Melon, Lemon, Kalamansi and Dalandan.
  21. I love coffee; I want it sweet and creamy. Unlike others I never wanted it to be too hot. Iced would be better.
  22. Milk tea is happiness in a cup.
  23. I love writing poems, lyrics, and blogs just to express what I feel and my thoughts.
  24. I never had stage fright. The microphone can be my best friend.
  25. I always check on my Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter.
  26. I can be reached through Viber, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, and Skype.
  27. I love to receive letters or cards more than flowers.
  28. I prefer white gold over yellow gold.
  29. I love cakes and desserts the same as my love for savory dishes.
  30. My favorite cake is ‘Slice’s Love Affair and Campfire from Purple Oven’.
  31. Massage is another addiction. It is really therapy for me. To have it at least once a week would be so great.
  32. I love to collect memories rather than things.
  33. I love to travel the world. Wishing I could do this soon with my future life partner.
  34. I am fascinated with the world of weddings and social gatherings.
  35. I change my pillowcases and bed sheets every week.
  36. I prefer pork or chicken over beef.
  37. I love rice.
  38. Banana is my favorite fruit.
  39. I love vanilla, chocolate, and coffee flavored ice cream
  40. I know how to cook, but I only do it when I’m in the mood.
  41. They say I bake one of the most delicious chocolate cake, I can only bake this when I’m in love.
  42. I wear contact lenses and eyeglasses since I was in fourth grade.
  43. I barely forget the birthdays of people who are important to me.
  44. I have keen memory when it comes to dates and moments.
  45. I can live in a cold place. I hate it when it’s hot.
  46. I studied driving, but I never really drive in my entire life..
  47. I love OPM and old songs.
  48. I love romantic comedy movies.
  49. I am a hopeful romantic.
  50. I am so proud of my ADN Family.



Sa buhay mo para kanino ka ba humuhugot? Saan ba nanggagaling ang hugot mo? Anong klase hugot ba ang meron ka?

May mga hugot na malalim, meron din namang mababaw lang. Merong masakit, merong pabebeng hugot lang. May hugot na pang nagmomoment, meron namang hugot na pang matagalan- yung tila bang nakatagpo ka na ng forever sa hugot mo. May hugot na ginaya mo lang kasi uso at yung hugot na feeling mo swak na swak sa’yo.

May mga hugot na tayo lang ang nakakaramdam. Meron din naman na tayo lang nakakaalam. May mga hugot na relate na relate ang karamihan yung tila ba pareho lang ang inyong pinagdadaanan. May hugot na mabilis makamove on at may hugot na tila ba kahit lumipas ang maraming taon hinding hindi ka na makakaahon. Ano man ang mangyari lagi mong tatandaan, di masama ang humugot at lalong di masama ang maglabas ng nararamdaman. Minsan sa ganitong paraan man lang ay maibsan ang sakit, ang pait, ang kirot na iyong pinapasan. Lilipas din ang mga araw at sa paglubog nito nawa’y makasama na ang bakas ng bawat kahapon at nang ang puso mo ay matuto ng maghilom.


New Beginnings



It is never too late to pick up the broken pieces and start anew.  Often, we encounter trials along the way, we go through hardships and challenges that could test our faith and strength. It is an everyday journey that is never easy; it could be tiring, frustrating and nerve-wracking but we must not give up. Every new morning, we are given new opportunities to choose to do what is rightful and just. Every morning we are given the chance to do something that would make us grow and be better. Every morning we have the power to choose what makes us happy. We just need to learn to have faith in God, to trust the process and be positive, to believe that we can do it and lastly to trust the magic of new beginnings.

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Finding Love and Forever sa #TamangPanahon.

love1Do you believe in love and forever? Have you found it? Are you still hoping and praying that it will be a reality sa Tamang Panahon?

Everyone has his or her own version of how a love story begins. There are people who believe in love at first sight. Some say love begins with one hello, others with a simple smile.  For some, love starts with a cup of coffee or a pint of ice cream, while for others a shared appreciation of food, a bucket of popcorn while watching a movie or simply just enjoying each other’s smalltalk while eating isaw, kwek-kwek or fishball at the neighborhood’s ‘tindahan sa kanto’ could spark something special.

For AlDub,  it all started accidentally through a split screen ‘kalyeserye’ that instantly had a worldwide following,  giving people an unexplainable feeling of ‘kilig’ and happiness.  Some really believe that it was “MaiDen Heaven” because it seems to have an “AlDub-vine” intervention and everything just fell into place at the right time.

aldubCollageLove is everywhere. It can be found in the office, in school, in theaters, hallways, malls, even in a busy two-way street. It can also be found in castles like the ones in fairytales where prince and princess meet. You can find love in the most unexpected places. People confess finding love in shallow waters, on mountaintops, in an island, in a desert, or even in cold snowy places. A simple plywood, locket, alarm clock, hanky, flagpole, basement, straw, gym, tree, long table, theme park, mansion, rally, parking lot, garden, library, or a noisy canteen are all witnesses to love’s grandeur.

You can fall in love on a cruise, aboard a plane, a train, bus, jeepney, motorbike or any type of vehicle. Name it. Love makes travelling worthwhile no matter how bumpy the ride is. For AlDub, the various Barangay’s “Kalye“ or the different streets in the Philippines and the whole ALDUB Nation watching on television everyday are the witnesses on how AlDub’s blossoming on cam love story unfolded. People even get confused whether it is just on reel or for real, this is quite obvious when Alden and Maine unconsciously go out of character and often teased by the hosts, “Acting-an lang ‘to uy!”

Love has grown with time and the evolution of technology. Some found love through having Phone pals and pen pals, others through radio signal communication. But now Love transcends through the development of other social media platforms. A wrongly sent text message can lead to love. Some took the effort to find love by just swiping to the right.  A simple status update in Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram  can also mean a profession of love. Other apps also became instruments to bring lovers together even those who are million miles apart.  From snail mails, fan signs, fax, cards, emails or mails of whatever kind, one thing’s for sure – love is always found.

This may sound a cliché but most people say that one way to get to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Some meet love in the kitchen. One cooks, the other lovingly savours the food. Love is also in music. One writes the song, the other sings. Love can be found on the dance floor, like two individuals swaying to love’s fantastic tempo. Love can be in the hospital; one is the patient, the other one is the caregiver breathing life to the other. Love can be on the radio, a DJ and an avid listener just might end up falling in love. Love can be in the courtroom. The defendant and the accused may just patch things up.

In all honesty, love can be found in the most unexpected place and time, not knowing that the love of your life is already there usually unnoticed because you could have been to busy finding love. Can you imagine how magical it is for love to get into someone’s system freely?  Only the heart knows how and it would be so hard to explain.

Love nowadays is expressed differently; it can be done through the help of Internet, social media apps, or can even be broadcasted live Via Satellite. Eat Bulaga’s Kalyeserye that features AlDub showed us that chivalry is not yet dead. They exemplified to us the importance of Filipinos’ traditional values on “panliligaw, paninilbihan and panunuyo”. It teaches us to be patient, to wait, to be hopeful and prayerful. It inspires everyone to believe in the real power of love. Though lovers have to go through different trials and sacrifices they are still eager to deal with it   just to profess unconditional love with their purest intention.

There are so many instances where you can find love. You can wait or search for love but in the end, there’s only one thing that’s true. I believe that whatever your story is, there is one God behind it. He is the one who writes your very own love story. He is the one who creates the main characters, who happens to be you and the one whom He made just for you. He writes the plot, chooses the setting, and makes sure that love finds its way to you.  Just believe in #tamangpanahon when God is ready to give you your forever.  

For those like me who have not yet found the love of their life, just live each day with the will to follow your heart’s desires and just be happy. I know that God only makes sure that in His perfect time your paths will cross whichever road you’ll take.

#MayForever #TamangPanahon #IsangTaongParaLangSayo #KapitLang

By : Majelle Magpantay ( @justmemajella )

Note : Photos are from Eat Bulaga Facebook Page

Choose a Job You Love



” Choose a job that you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

If only all of us would end up having the job we love, then all of us would be happy and productive. All of us will be motivated to go to work. All of us will be driven to make use of our knowledge and skills and all of us would be contented with whatever we do. But in reality, there is just a small ratio pertaining to this group of fortunate people in our society. Most people ended up working for an industry that is not really related to what they took in college. Often we hear people say, I have to do this because I need to live and provide for my family. I have to do this even if it means I have to be away from my loved ones. I have to do this, because there is no other easy way for me to survive.

If only we are given equal opportunities and chances to choose the kind of job that we love, then life can be better and happier. We will never feel tired, because will all be doing a lot of what sparks light in us.

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What A Simple Thank You Really Means

In every wedding, we usually hear the bride and groom say thank you to their parents, family, relatives and friends but for suppliers like us we must admit that hearing the warmest and sincerest thank yous really make our day. As suppliers, we believe that, it’s not all about the money that we get. Being a supplier, we value other things like the trust that our clients give us, the times we shared together in the preparations where we learn to get to know each other and become friends. What we treasure the most is the love and appreciation that they give us for the Job we’ve done well. Planning a wedding is not easy, but if you are working with a great team everything becomes smooth, fun and all worth it.



Thank You Painting – Watercolor Garden Thank You- Art By Linda Woods by Linda Woods (c)

BWEP Thanksgiving Party 2017

This is going to be a very long post, but it will be worth your time!“>BWEP Thanksgiving 2017

I’m so lost for words right now. I actually don’t know how to start this post because my heart is so full. Batangas Wedding & Event Professionals (BWEP)’s journey for the past 3 years was never easy; it was fun and yet it was indeed challenging. Years ago having this organization is just merely a dream. “Suntok sa buwan!” is the more appropriate phrase to use. Who would have thought that we can gather hundreds of wedding and event suppliers under one roof where some are friends and colleagues while others strongly treat each other as competitors? I’m glad we took that liberty to invite them, and we are honored how we grew in numbers through the years and I am more overwhelmed that these people were more than willing and excited to be part of this unforgettable milestone.

BWEP’s Thanksgiving Party 2017 would not be possible without the help of our very generous event partners and sponsors. If you’ve got the heart, the ability and the willingness to help you will never have second thoughts to give back. I and the core group can attest to this, we did not get a “NO”, we asked them if they could help us pull this event and all we’ve received are positive responses, no one has turned their backs on us and with that we are immensely grateful.

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Biro ng Tadhana

Paano mo nga ba makikita ang isang taong hindi mo naman hinahanap?                                  O di kaya mahahanap ang isang taong ayaw naman magpakita?                                                 Paano mo nga ba malalaman kung talagang may nakalaan para sayo?                               Kung sa tinagal tagal mo nang naghihintay eh wala pa ring nagmamay-ari ng puso mo?

Kay dami mong pagmamahal sa puso pero di alam kung sinong pagbibigyan.              Minsan ba’y naiisip mo kung may tao bang darating para ikaw ay mahalin man lang. Pero gaano mo man pakaisipin, dasalin at sambitin,                                                            Minsan tadhana’y tila ba mailap at ayaw kayong pagtagpuin.

Ilang taon, buwan, araw at mga oras na ang lumipas                                                                Pero tila ba nagbabadyang wala paring liwanag ang bukas                                                    Ikaw ba ay patuloy na aasa kahit na ikaw ay lubos ng nagtataka                                    Kakapit ka pa rin ba sa paniniwalang may isang taong sa’yo ay ibibigay N’ya?


July 28, 2016 – ALDUB-MaiChard Experience, It’s all worth it!

My MaiChard Heart will forever be grateful to you @AldenRichards02 & @mainedcm and to July 28, 2016.

July 28, 2016, Eat Bulaga at Broadway Centrum – So far my most unforgettable experience in my fangirling life.

I slept at 1:30 in the morning, after I watched Direk Pat on Periscope while nakikipagkulitan with Direk at sa mga gising na ALDUB-MAICHARD Nation, literally I  had a hard time sleeping because I was so excited being in broadway today to watch Eat Bulaga live on its #ALDUB54thWeeksary then I woke up 3:30 in the morning, started to prepare cause we have to leave Batangas by 5:30 to head to Broadway Centrum, and because we were all excited and we’ve waited two months for this, we didn’t want to be stuck in traffic. Early bird kami, we were a group of 10, I was with my Wedding Coordination Team.

Waited for quite a long time on the queue, we were seated apart, located on the top-most right and center. We even sat on the stairs just to have a better view of what’s happening on the stage.

We even had our group’s  banner hoping that Alden and Maine could notice or our other Dabarkads especially Ms. A.


Having that situation, I almost lost hope that I could still find a way to meet Alden and Maine up close to personally give my gift and letter to them. After the show, I asked one of Eat Bulaga’s crew if I could talk to Direk Pat. (since she already noticed me in Periscope with my username @justmemajella I remembered saying, Direk pa groufie naman kami with you po. Please. Hehehe.)

There were a lot of people still on stage taking selfies with the That’s my Baes while I was waiting for Direk Pat to notice me so that I can handover my gift for Alden & Maine but I guess she was so busy with other concerns at the backstage and it took her a while, then I saw Alden going out of broadway through the audience exit. There were other girls in a state of shock upon seeing him too. As in natulala kaming lahat kasi di namin ineexpect na lalabas sya doon kasi a lot of people were waiting for them at the artist entrance. Para s’yang isang apparition “Mala may dumaang Anghel feels.” That was a very close encounter with Alden, he was already rushing to leave broadway with his entourage for his Perfume Collection launch in Market Market, since I already have that chance to give him my gift & letter for Maine and him I grabbed that opportunity.

When he heard me said, Alden, please take this, this gift is for Maine, he stopped, looked back, received the gift & the tarp and said “Ok po, ok po!” with a very gentle voice and all smiles on his face he then said “Thank you po.” Then he left. 😊 That happened so fast, less than 30 seconds I guess, but it will forever be etched in my 💙 No selfie, no picture just a beautiful memory. I’m so happy and overwhelmed, that you took it and have it given to Maine.

To my surprise, when I reached home around 6:30 in the evening, I saw several missed calls from @lindseyuritz and a tweet with this screenshots.

I had mixed emotions, I didn’t know what to do first, should I read the tweets, or call my cousin, or started blogging or should I watch Direk Pat’s periscope. Grabe as in nanginginig ako. Lost for words and thoughts, that’s what I felt pero super happy ako, as in tumatumbling ang MAICHARD heart ko.

This is the card I gave Maine, I took a picture of it before I wrote my letter to her and Alden, and the gift that I chose to give her is something that she can take for her “DINOSAUR”. I care about her, and most especially her concerns about her health. I hope this could help her much that it helped me and all the other women suffering from dinosaur problems every month.

Maine and Alden, you just don’t know how blessed I am to have the chance to see and look after you from afar. To meet you in person is already a bonus. For you to actually take my gift & read my letter is truly one of the best gifts you’ve given me. You are indeed one of my daily dose of happiness in this world full of trials and uncertainties. You are an inspiration, you made me believe in the goodness in people and that love and happiness are the most wonderful thing that we could share. You made me wait for my forever and believe that destiny truly happens.

I assure you that I will be supporting you both in your future endeavours. I will always pray for your happiness, for your safety and more so for your forever and smooth journey in life and career. I will always choose to fight for you and protect you and I will never get tired of shipping for what you know would be best for you.


I am still looking forward to have that chance to have a picture with you and that chance wherein you could sign the magazine where I have articles written about you and Eat Bulaga. I know our Tamang Panahon will come and will be patiently waiting for that moment.

I love you both. I’m @justmemajella, a Professional Wedding Planner, and I am GEMBSO. We call our FC ALDUB-MaiChard Wedding Planner and Coordinators cause that is what we truly are.

Photo Credits : Eat Bulaga


GEMBSO : Not just a team, but a family. It’s not just a name it’s also a brand that only delivers the finest.


Happy Anniversary G-E-M-B-S-O!

I believe, God doesn’t give us what we can’t handle. He helps us handle what He has given us. I have been so thankful to the Almighty God for blessing me with enough and for allowing me to be a blessing to others especially to my GEMBSO brides, grooms, couples, debutants, clients, angels, friends and event partners. God, I know that You are with me in every event that I plan, I am just so overwhelmed that you believe in me.

TEN, 10 years have been an unforgettable rollercoaster journey for us. We have experienced happiness, contentment, self-fulfilment, and met different kinds of people, dealt with various challenges along the way that made the experience more meaningful. We had 120 months that quickly passed by and gave us more than 120 reasons to celebrate our existence. So far that was an extraordinary awesome experience that I’ll forever be grateful for.

Gembso has been planning beautiful weddings of lovers who wished to spend the rest of their lives together. Creating memorable moments they can cherish for a lifetime. Professionally working with equally competent, passionate and great wedding partners. Making exceptional programs that guests would really enjoy. Coming up with more brilliant ideas and extending extraordinary service with ‪#‎AlagangGEMBSO‬ – Alagang may pagmaMAJal to all our brides, grooms and other clients and event partners through the years. 

GEMBSO is known for always giving more than 100% of outstanding service, with utmost dedication, hard work, and joy in our hearts. GEMBSO as a whole has been Genuinely Empowering couples to be bolder in expressing what they really want for their weddings. Motivating and influencing other key players in the industry to deliver Breathtaking results for the over-all Success of every event. Optimism is the key, trust drives people to do even better and client-supplier relationship that comes with appreciation goes a long way.

GEMBSO will always give couples an elevated wedding planning experience because they deserve only an event at its finest and beyond.

To all our GEMBSO couples, brides, grooms, debutantes, and other clients we would like to express our most heartfelt gratitude to you. We at GEMBSO are blessed that even once in your life you had decided to choose us to plan with you and you had entrusted a very significant day in your lives under our umbrella.

To all our GEMBSO partners, we are always delighted to be working with you. You have been a big part of GEMBSO’s success for our 1st decade in this industry. Looking forward to our next weddings and events together and hoping that we will continue to deliver what every couple or client deserves; Only the best, only the finest for every event.

To my GEMBSO Angels, my dedicated, loyal and well-trained, hard working, passionate,  committed and reliable angels with big hearts, Maraming maraming maraming salamat sa patuloy n’yong pagbibigay ng #AlagangGEMBSO and congratulations to all of us. Mahal na mahal ko kayo. Sama-sama tayo sa mga susunod pang mga Dekada ng GEMBSO.