#GerryTes1955 – Event Partners, Thank you!

A heartfelt message of thanks and appreciation.

 This is a long post but please allow me to say my piece!

The success of every event doesn’t rely on the Event Planner alone. As an Event Planner, I can’t do it all by myself. I am so blessed to have GREAT Team of EXCEPTIONAL Event Partners, who made the event more MEMORABLE. Having so many BRILLIANT ideas, together we were able to have a SUPERB celebration with OUTSTANDING performances and an AWESOME night.

Success is the end result of so many factors. The combined effort of all the partners, the efficiency of the chosen supplier, attention to detail, and the dedication and commitment to deliver what is expected. You all have exceeded my expectations. Kayo na talaga! Truly you are all professional and trustworthy!

This is just a simple way to show how much I appreciated everything you have done to make my parents’ 60th Birthday Celebration truly an unforgettable event in our lives.

Words are not enough to express how grateful I am but I would never ever forget how you all made it extraordinarily special! Kudos to all of you!

Special Thanks to the Management, Staff and Crew – especially to Jay and L.A. and to all the chefs of Pontefino Hotel for the excellent service you have extended to us and to our dear guests, for the courtesy and warm hospitality that you have shown to other guests who stayed overnight, for the delectable food you have prepared and served. Everyone is raving about the food on our menu, really sumptuous and pleasing to the guests’ taste buds. My heartfelt thanks to Ms. Angel Garcia, our Account Executive who gave importance to this event and made sure that everything we have agreed upon will be done accordingly. You all did a great Job.

To Fioridella Bywillytongco Super thanks for the beautiful floral arrangements you made. Those are really precious centrepieces that most guests took it home! You never fail to surprise me my friend. Love it!

To Adam Aspi Balasa of Adam Balasa Couture thanks for making my mom’s elegant gowns. With you we can never go wrong! She was indeed the most fabulous woman that night. She loves it very much!

Georgia Reyes of Makeup by Georgia thank you for making Gerry’s girls all fabulous.Coreene, Mom and I loved the hair and make up you’ve done for us. Mom’s make up really enhanced her ageless beauty. Thumbs up for this dear!

Albert F. Cueto of Albert Cueto Photography thank you for capturing all special and unforgettable moments on my parents birthday! We are all excited for the official photos and video. You and your team have done an amazing job!

Myra Fortu Aldover and Leah Neo of Nanay Aveling’s Bakeshop, thanks for the beautiful Music and Dance Inspired cake and the yummy lips & mustache chocolate cupcakes. A+ for Effort!

Ryan Rano of Shakers Big Punch 808 Mobile Bar thanks for making our guests enjoy the mocktails, cocktails and other drinks that you served. It is always a pleasure having you on my events.

Photoman of Geronimo Photographico- (The Mobile Photographer) You were able to take a lot of beautiful pics of our guests and print it instantly. Guests really enjoyed your service!

Anna Mae Dionisio- Phi of Global Invitations thanks for making the customised envelops for the invitations I made.

Gerry Roxas thanks for the Led Wall set up.

Dennise de Pano-Avila of Design Plus for printing all the printed stuff we have from Invites, menu cards, table numbers, escort cards, message cards and raffle & souvenir stubs.

Elmer Castor of Elmer Castor Fashion & Wedding Photography Thank you for the portrait session you had with my parents. Those photographs are really nice and meant to be framed up!

RM Lights and Sounds’ Tito Ray Mayo thank you for always making all my events’ light and sounds set up superb. Shout out to Jobert Cuenca for always doing your best to meet my program requirements. Another job well done. Your team is truly highly recommended you never fail to deliver your best!

Totally Mesmerized – Tito Joel Deriada, Romeo K. Escuyos Jr., Diana Lynn Baysic, Tiffany Bernardo, Billy Jo Bato, Vier Marqueses and Richard Villacora Hisula you are not just a group of professional musicians, You are family to us. You did not just amaze the guests you let them reminisce, sing along and truly enjoy. You will always be my favorite, nothing can change that. AlDub you all. Missed Joseph Tanciongco and Shiela Maghirang Tanciongco though I know in spirit they are both with us to celebrate!

To our 8 Dance Instructors – Thanks for making sure the guests will dance and enjoy the night!

To Haidee Cabaddu for patiently teaching my GEMBSO team to dance for the Shut Up and Dance Prod Number even though for just a short notice. Good job!

To Ate Mathy – Thank you for always making sure that everyone who worked hard for this occasion will never have an upset and empty stomach. Thank you for always cooking “Super Sarap” food for the team and for the family.

To Moises – Thank you for doing other errands asked from you.

To the DJ Bellas – Ofelia Perez De Jesus, Daisy De Jesus, Cristina De Jesus Manalo and Lourdes Hernandez Thanks for your time and effort to practice and prepare for your dance number with Mommy. You all rock the house down especially when you danced “Twerk it like Mommies!”

To Mr. Bobby Parfan for leading the Opening Prayer. To Mr. Tony De Jesus and Mr. Paul De Jesus for being part of the Six Men Dance for Mommy.

To Mrs. Sonia Mayo for the heartwarming toast. To the other well-wishers, Ms. Charisse Alcaraz, Mr. Jay Velasco, Mrs. Heidi Ver, Mrs. Nabbie Alejo, and Mr. Albert Perculeza thank you for the wonderful and kind words you said.

To my GEMBSO Family, my dedicated, reliable, hardworking and very efficient GEMBSO Angels. Thank you for accepting the challenge to dance though we only have less than 24 hours to practice you all did great. I know you agreed to do it to show your love and appreciation for everything Mommy and Daddy have done for us! Kudos to all of you!

Let me thank you individually.

Tito Jed de Jesus for the undying support and assistance lagi ka talaga namin maaasahan! Congrats for winning the grand prize too!
Ate Rosemarie Deguzman for always being there to take care of the celebrators and the team.
Ate Bure de Torres for all the layouts and the tech side – place cards pa more… print and cut pa more!
Maya Generoso and Sahlie Hernandez for taking charge of the registration, though it was kinda tough and not the usual kind, you’ve done it very well.
Ian Faner for taking care of the other tasks that needed attention and action. Ian pa more! Ikaw na!
Robie Capili for the AVPS, tarp and for being The Tech Guy!                           Alam ko nachallenge ka ng wagas!
Nell de Chavez thanks for all the support, the assistance and for doing whatever is asked from you. You will always be my favorite Bro2!
Tito Levi De Jesus Jr. for driving for us and for always making sure that the whole team will reach every destination safely and on time.

To my siblings Enrico De Jesus Magpantay & Coreena Mae Magpantay
thank you for your cooperation, creative inputs, time, effort, and for doing something that you don’t usually do.                                                                  Thank you for singing “God Gave Me You” for mommy and daddy while they were dancing. This is one for the bucket list! You have done it with Love! You both made mommy, daddy and ate happy and proud.                   Love you both!

To my mom Tes and my dad Gerry, Maraming Salamat po for the full trust.
For letting me do what I love, for always believing in me and for the support, love, and for being both my Number 1 fan. Though I must admit this event was a really challenging one, I knew everything will be done according to what we have planned.                                                                    Thank you for letting me come up with the perfect menu, for allowing me to choose the songs, and mostly for being all out with the budget too hahaha!

To God, Thank you for giving me all these wonderful people. Thank you for bringing me into this world through my parents. Thank you for my family, my colleagues, my partners, my angels, my relatives, friends and to my siblings.

They say, “Too much of a good thing is simply wonderful, I am just so blessed and thankful, and I would like to offer everything we did for your great glory!”

Muli, Maraming Salamat po sa inyong lahat!

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