My Thoughts About This Week’s Kalyeserye

Some thoughts to ponder and learnings to apply in real life.


In this day and time people think that one must always meet their standards and everything must seem to be into their liking. When it turns out to be on the opposite side most people tend to be judgemental not realizing how it would affect others. Reel is different from real, the sad part is not everyone can differentiate and understand which is which. Voicing their opinions and suggestions are welcome but freedom of speech comes with a great responsibility. One must not add fuel to the fire. One must not gossip about other people especially when they don’t know the real story, purely speculating leads to having negative thoughts and it’s true that overthinking kills. It’s sad to see that more fans have seem to forget why KS is here in the first place. It’s here to teach us lessons in life not only kilig.

We know that in every relationship may it be friendship or a more intimate one, open communication is very essential it always goes with TRUST, RESPECT and LOVE. Though there will always be the paki-alamero, intrigera, ingitera, and the judgemental ones we must always remember that what we see in KS is just part of the KS journey, AKTINGAN lang. What happens outside KS is way different. Alden and Maine showed us that though there maybe “selos and tampo” moments in KS both of them know the real score, no one will do anything to hurt the other.

We may have different perspectives, views and opinions but at the end of the day we must ask ourselves why are we in this fandom in the first place? What brought us here? Are we doing what we believe is right or are we just after the ‘kilig’? When everything goes out beyond what we like are we going to just bash and hate?

I hope it’s never too late for everyone to realize how ALDUB nation was genuinely formed. That our love and admiration for MAINE, ALDEN and the LOLAS led us to be the strongest and most respected fandom. I’m honestly praying that together we can face the trials we are having right now. We can’t have everything together in one seating that is the concept of ‘tamang panahon’ that we all enjoyed and loved. Let’s just notice the inner sweetness and concern of the REAL Alden and Maine for each other, by the way I see it, LOVE is so evident. Love is already in their system and nothing or no one can take that love away.

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