Missing You Big Time

Good Friends

I so miss my friends…my best friends, my girl friends, my barkada, my cousins, to whom I can be just myself, those who treat me right, who care for my welfare, who accepts me for what I am, and those who won’t judge me because they respect me. I miss to be with people I am so comfortable with. I miss the times when all I have to do is sit beside you need not say a single word and i know that we understand each other and only our hearts speak. You may not be my sister by blood but i know we are indeed sisters by heart. I just wish you well, I always pray for your happiness and hoping that someday… we can still do the things we used to do, to hang out to have a good laugh, to dance and sing like no one’s watching, act silly and be crazy and to just be our own selves enjoying each other’s stories and presence.


One thought on “Missing You Big Time

  1. Some of us may lead different lives, that force us to grow up and take on responsibities we didn’t imagine we could handle, leaving us with no time to spare for our confidantes, shock absorbers, jester, drinking bud, laugh and food trip friends. But no matter where life leads us, the bond will be there forever. And once we all see each other again, it will be like no time has gone by at all. Prayers and love to all our friends whom we have not seen for ages, and will continue to miss…

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