I am turning thirty-three in a few days and I thought of writing 33 random facts about Me. I know others would agree, some would think again; love me or hate me but hey this is me. Just me!


I am turning thirty-three in a few days and I thought of writing 33 random facts about Me. I know others would agree, some would think again. Love me or hate me but hey this is me. Just me! 33

1. I believe in happily ever afters… and my favourite is the happily ever after that I’ll make…

2. I am a music lover, much that I want to sing I’d rather use mic on hosting, I am way better with it!

3. I take a lot of pictures but I don’t print it, memories are forever etched in my heart.

4.  I am fascinated to receive handwritten letters, cards, and DIY stuff. Things done with effort mean a lot to me.

5. I’d prefer to be seated on a passenger seat than to drive and die young. I love my life and I’d love to live longer.

6. When no one seems to listen, I just talk to my self and I am actually learning… sometimes it’s quite fun though, try it!

7. My greatest fear in life is to grow old alone. I may look like a superwoman but I also need my own superman who’ll always be there for me.

8. Someone told me, I should never give up on love for THE ONE will come to life in the most unexpected place and time. I believe her!

9. I want to see and travel the world with a man who’ll never get tired of holding my hand and will never let go.

10. I don’t ask for gifts but I do ask for prayers meant for my personal intensions, that is something I truly appreciate.

12. Like everybody else, I’m just a girl who wants to love and be loved. For me that is my life’s simple joys.

13. I’ll never get tired of saying Thank yous, because I always have a grateful heart!

14. I can’t go out without my phone, power bank, pen & paper, my wallet w/money, IDs, & Cards & my keys oh pocket WIFI included.

15. As of the moment, since I still don’t have a family of my own, I have six pillows to keep me company; having them make feel secured. They are witness to some of my stories.

16. I like jewelry pieces. Diamond is my birthstone but pearl is my happiness!

17. I love looking at the calmness of the sea, feeling the sand under my feet, watching sunrise & sunsets.

18. I love to cook, bake and experiment on different dishes for the ones I love, but I’ll be happier if I’ll have the kitchen that I really wanted.

19. I am a shoe addict and a bag lover. I just love ’em. Need I say more?

20. I love making people enjoy life’s simple joys. I love surprises.

21. I would love to watch these movies over and over again. I even know the dialogues! My Bestfriend’s Wedding, The Wedding Planner, Kung Ako Na Lang Sana, Miss You Like Crazy, Starting Over Again, Sarah-JLC series, Regine-Aga flicks  are my favourite movies.

22. They say I have one of best tasting chocolate cakes, but I can only bake it when I am in love.  I hope I can bake it again really soon. It’s been ages since the last time I baked it.

24. I’m having a constant affair with Twitter and Facebook. My heart just can’t decide which matters most!

25. I am always emotional and sentimental when it comes to birthdays most especially if it’s mine. I am emotionally attached to things, people and memories. Oh well, that’s me.

26. I am everyone’s ATE. Even the ones older than me treat me as their Ate. But I love being treated as a little sister too. Some of them call me “Majellaine” pretty sweet endearment for me.

27.  I am still looking forward for the one who will give me the biggest surprise of my life. I am so excited, I can’t wait!

28. I’d appreciate it more if people would call me an achiever, a dreamer, a mentor and an inspiration. * The words I’ll put on my epitaph.

29.As a Wedding Planner, you’ll love me and hate me at the same time. But I’ll make your big day, one day you’ll never forget. My couples and colleagues can attest to this.

30. I am a friend through and through, not just in high and happy moments, I will be with you when you are on the lowest of the low.

31. My Ultimate dream in life is to have a loving husband, be a selfless mother and build a home!

32. Majella, the name my parents gave me. Maj,  the name most people call me. Majelle, the name I would love to be called by my soon to be life partner.

33. A simple girl with big dreams and high hopes. I am a wedding planner by profession, a chef wannabe by heart, a lover by nature, an inspirer by virtue, a leader by calling, a friend to my peers, a mentor to my team, a sister to my siblings, a daughter to my parents and a hopeless romantic girl waiting for the man God has made especially for me.

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