Be Grateful, It Makes a Difference.

Remember that you will never run out of reasons to be grateful.



This simple strategy which may take only a few seconds to complete has long been one to the most important habits I have ever engaged in. I try to remember to start my day thinking of someone to thank. To me, gratitude and inner peace go hand in hand. The more genuinely grateful I feel for the gift of my life, the more peaceful I feel. Gratitude, then, is worthy of little practice.

If you’re anything like me, you probably have many people in your life to feel grateful for: friends, family members, people from your past, teachers, mentors, classmates, people from work, your colleagues, clients, and acquaintances, someone who gave you a break, as well as countless others. You may want to thank a higher power for the gift of life itself, or for the beauty of nature.

As you think of people to be grateful for, remember that it can be anyone or someone who allowed you to merge into traffic, someone who held the door open for you, or a physician who saved your life. The point is to gear your attention toward gratitude, preferably first thing in the morning.

I learned a long time ago that it’s easy to allow my mind to slip into various forms of negativity. When I do, the first thing that leaves me is my sense of gratitude. I begin to take the people in my life for granted, and the love that I often feel is replaced with resentment and frustration. What this exercise reminds me to do is to focus on the good in my life. Invariably as I think of one person to feel grateful for, the image of another person pops into my head, then another and another. Pretty soon I’m thinking of other things to be thankful for; my health, my family, my home, my career, my freedom, my friends, my dreams and the list goes on and on.

It may seem like an awfully simple suggestion, but it really works! If you wake up in the morning with gratitude on your mind, it’s pretty difficult, in fact almost impossible, to feel anything but peace and joy in your heart.

50 Random Facts About Me

Get to know me…


50 random

  1. I love pillows. I actually have at least six pillows with me on my bed.
  2. I could barely survive a day without internet and my gadgets.
  3. I love white chocolates.  These are the top three on my list.                                Cadbury Top Deck, Toblerone White, and Milka Triolade.
  4. I can play the piano; My Heart Will Go On is the only song I was able to memorize.
  5. I used to love shades of violet and purple during my college years.
  6. Now I admire different hues of blues, teals, turquoise, and mints. It keeps me calm.
  7. I used to believe that I should be a lawyer but I am happy with what I am doing right now. Planning weddings for others’ happily ever after.
  8. I do love bags. Whatever it is as long as it’s functional. I’m not really after the expensive ones as long as it’s nice and useful.
  9. I am a certified shoe addict. I used to wear stilettos but now I prefer a max of 2-inch heels or flats. If I like shoes I can buy 2 or more pairs of the same style but of different colors.
  10. I love to cook and re-invent dishes.
  11. I love Adobo. I can eat it every day.
  12. I am quite adventurous with pasta, I have my own pasta twists that my folks love.
  13. I want a bright light when I am working.
  14. But I want it really dark when I am sleeping.
  15. I always have my extension cord with at least 6 outlets around.
  16. I always have a pen in my bag.
  17. I feel naked without earrings or ring.
  18. The most vulgar nail polish color for me is RED. I always go for the nude and light shades.
  19. I don’t usually wear a necklace because I am acidic.
  20. I love juices. Orange, Mango, Melon, Lemon, Kalamansi and Dalandan.
  21. I love coffee; I want it sweet and creamy. Unlike others I never wanted it to be too hot. Iced would be better.
  22. Milk tea is happiness in a cup.
  23. I love writing poems, lyrics, and blogs just to express what I feel and my thoughts.
  24. I never had stage fright. The microphone can be my best friend.
  25. I always check on my Facebook, Gmail, and Twitter.
  26. I can be reached through Viber, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, and Skype.
  27. I love to receive letters or cards more than flowers.
  28. I prefer white gold over yellow gold.
  29. I love cakes and desserts the same as my love for savory dishes.
  30. My favorite cake is ‘Slice’s Love Affair and Campfire from Purple Oven’.
  31. Massage is another addiction. It is really therapy for me. To have it at least once a week would be so great.
  32. I love to collect memories rather than things.
  33. I love to travel the world. Wishing I could do this soon with my future life partner.
  34. I am fascinated with the world of weddings and social gatherings.
  35. I change my pillowcases and bed sheets every week.
  36. I prefer pork or chicken over beef.
  37. I love rice.
  38. Banana is my favorite fruit.
  39. I love vanilla, chocolate, and coffee flavored ice cream
  40. I know how to cook, but I only do it when I’m in the mood.
  41. They say I bake one of the most delicious chocolate cake, I can only bake this when I’m in love.
  42. I wear contact lenses and eyeglasses since I was in fourth grade.
  43. I barely forget the birthdays of people who are important to me.
  44. I have keen memory when it comes to dates and moments.
  45. I can live in a cold place. I hate it when it’s hot.
  46. I studied driving, but I never really drive in my entire life..
  47. I love OPM and old songs.
  48. I love romantic comedy movies.
  49. I am a hopeful romantic.
  50. I am so proud of my ADN Family.



Sa buhay mo para kanino ka ba humuhugot? Saan ba nanggagaling ang hugot mo? Anong klase hugot ba ang meron ka?

May mga hugot na malalim, meron din namang mababaw lang. Merong masakit, merong pabebeng hugot lang. May hugot na pang nagmomoment, meron namang hugot na pang matagalan- yung tila bang nakatagpo ka na ng forever sa hugot mo. May hugot na ginaya mo lang kasi uso at yung hugot na feeling mo swak na swak sa’yo.

May mga hugot na tayo lang ang nakakaramdam. Meron din naman na tayo lang nakakaalam. May mga hugot na relate na relate ang karamihan yung tila ba pareho lang ang inyong pinagdadaanan. May hugot na mabilis makamove on at may hugot na tila ba kahit lumipas ang maraming taon hinding hindi ka na makakaahon. Ano man ang mangyari lagi mong tatandaan, di masama ang humugot at lalong di masama ang maglabas ng nararamdaman. Minsan sa ganitong paraan man lang ay maibsan ang sakit, ang pait, ang kirot na iyong pinapasan. Lilipas din ang mga araw at sa paglubog nito nawa’y makasama na ang bakas ng bawat kahapon at nang ang puso mo ay matuto ng maghilom.


Choose a Job You Love



” Choose a job that you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.”

If only all of us would end up having the job we love, then all of us would be happy and productive. All of us will be motivated to go to work. All of us will be driven to make use of our knowledge and skills and all of us would be contented with whatever we do. But in reality, there is just a small ratio pertaining to this group of fortunate people in our society. Most people ended up working for an industry that is not really related to what they took in college. Often we hear people say, I have to do this because I need to live and provide for my family. I have to do this even if it means I have to be away from my loved ones. I have to do this, because there is no other easy way for me to survive.

If only we are given equal opportunities and chances to choose the kind of job that we love, then life can be better and happier. We will never feel tired, because will all be doing a lot of what sparks light in us.

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New Beginnings



It is never too late to pick up the broken pieces and start anew.  Often, we encounter trials along the way, we go through hardships and challenges that could test our faith and strength. It is an everyday journey that is never easy; it could be tiring, frustrating and nerve-wracking but we must not give up. Every new morning, we are given new opportunities to choose to do what is rightful and just. Every morning we are given the chance to do something that would make us grow and be better. Every morning we have the power to choose what makes us happy. We just need to learn to have faith in God, to trust the process and be positive, to believe that we can do it and lastly to trust the magic of new beginnings.

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